Balloons and burdens

Even balloons can be a burden

as weighted as millstones

if enough of them 

are looped to your limbs

and tied to your phalanges. 

The only difference

is that they pull you up

instead of down. 

Which hurts a person more? 

Being pushed down or pulled upward? 

Time will answer. 

It’s been a rough few weeks and I’m ready for things to settle down. Thankfully, they are, at least for the moment. Hope everything’s going well for all of you 🙂 


Our modern horror story

They sliced the quill nibs

de-bristled the brushes

scattered the families

and told all their crushes

that their loyalties were false

because they were “other”

because they don’t vote a certain way

and were not worthy, one after another,

to be thought of as human.

It’s a perfect tactic, fear,

an instinct and response

that has seen us through the years,

especially when coupled with someone to blame.

Will it win or will it lose?

Only time will tell

but it’s up to us to choose.



The current political polarity that’s infected not only my own country  but other parts of the world truly terrifies me.

Jolts, tears, and clothespegs

Sometimes it’s a gradual realization

and sometimes it happens in a jolt

like a gun at a racetrack

and then they’re off.

It’s the idea that stories

breathe and change

just as we do

and circumstance can turn

common things like

a typewriter, a bridge, a mule,

even a clothespeg

into so much meaning

as to stir the beating of our hearts,

causing our ribs to ache

and tears to flow.

If stories and the circumstances that make them up can do all that,

then please,

don’t make me put the book down.


Dedicated, again, to Markus Zusak, whose Bridge of Clay hurt deeply, caused a lot of laughter, and helped so much. Please read it. If you have and you’d like to discuss it, please leave a comment. Tomorrow is Halloween and the last day of my October Poetry Project for this year. Thank you so much for sticking with me.


Pearls start

as a tiny grit of sand

and a sour note

can flourish into a beautiful song.

All that is needed

is time and the chance to grow,

two things

people are incredibly good at denying themselves.




This is another reminder that I need. Sorry if this is a little too preachy. Have a good week, everyone.

Gifts and deserving

Today’s prompt is the word gift.

And in just today, there have been so many.

Family, a home, work for my hands

and my mind,

the chance to sow the future

in the midst of school applications

and to prune stories

and to worship in peace.

The last one is something

especially to be thankful for

today after that massacre

in the synagogue.

So many little gifts

that I did nothing to deserve.

May I always work to be deserving, regardless.

May we all work to be deserving

of the gifts we do not

even know we have.

Questions I have while watching war movies

How could they have done all of that?

How can armies

do what they do now?

It is staggering to think about

but so is the human

survival instinct

even if all that is keeping

that instinct intact is

someone’s orders.

The pain caused in war

on all sides

echoes throughout the generations

and the land remembers

the blood that was shed

and the bombs that created new landscapes.

The land held the victims as they died

and cradles them forever in death.

The most important questions, I think,

are will we ever learn

and will we all ever heal?



Watching Saving Private Ryan  with my dad has stirred up some questions.