The view from inside

Hello, everyone! As I said in my last post, I’m about to graduate from college, so I can’t promise I’ll post regularly until mid to late May. That being said, I’m going to try to write as much as I can.

Anywho, I just wanted to talk about windows for a moment. This is what my still life-like view looks like right now (curse you, awful fluorescent lighting). IMGP5518

I was taking a break from writing a paper, eating a cinnamon roll, and looking out my window when I realized I really like windows. This is not a new realization. My home has plenty of windows that I love to gaze out of and I get antsy if I am out somewhere do not have a window in sight (as my friends can attest to). For the first time, as I was enjoying the sugary cinnamon roll, I wondered why I like windows so much. And the reason I came up with is not what I expected.

I like windows because they are invitations to the outside world. On beautiful days, like today, they are advertisements for nature’s beauty. They act as weathervanes, showing us how the weather looks so we don’t forget our umbrellas when it’s pouring out. And, when people walk by and chance to glance up, windows serve as reminders that while we know we see the world, the world can look back at us, too. I know this seems like a metaphorically unwarranted conclusion since my window looks out on a few pine trees, a parking lot, and the back of a cafeteria. But you don’t need lush, sweeping vistas or the view of an ever-restless sea to remind you that the world is beautiful and that there is so much of that beauty to see. And how wonderful is it that we have made structures with windows, not just for practical purposes, but to remind us of these truths? Pretty wonderful, I’d say. Bye for now.



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