Work hurts

Literally. This morning, my left wrist was aching every time something touched it. I had to take my watch off, which I hate doing on school days because I get paranoid that I’ll be late for something. I probed the skin just above where my ulna attaches to the bones of my hand and it was swollen. While I’m a clumsy person, I could not think of anything I had rammed my wrist into that would have caused it to swell up like that. I hadn’t eaten anything unusual to incur an allergic reaction.

Yet, as I’ve been sitting at my laptop, typing away at the paper I spent most of the weekend working on, I’ve discovered why my wrist was swollen. It’s because I’ve been resting it on my computer too much as I’ve been working. My right wrist is also hurting, to a much lesser degree since it’s my dominant hand and I move it around more. Writing so much that your wrists swell. That’s something that no college websites warn you about. Yet it’s something I’m willing to do, for my work and my words. It’s worth it. It better be, because it hurts. Bye for now.


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