Goodbyes and graduation.

Hello, everyone. Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been a little busy. As Virginia Woolf once wrote “Life piles up so fast that I have no time to write out the equally fast rising mound of reflections.”  So what’s been happening? Last Wednesday, I finished my exams and on Saturday, I graduated from college. I still am taking everything in, so I apologize if the following reflections are a little disorganized.

Alesia and I

This is a picture of me (right) and one of my best friends (left) who was good enough to travel hundreds of miles to spend four of the most stressful, nerve-racking, yet beautiful days with me. I’ve only known this lady for a little over three years yet she is my big sister in all things but blood. She’s been there for me through so much and though it’s rough not being able to talk to her every day like we used to, I know our friendship is strong enough to survive distance. And though I know I have made some true friends throughout college, it worried me that I might lose contact with some of the  amazing, holy people I’ve gotten to know and grow with.

My Dad has always asserted to me that there is no such thing as goodbye, it’s only “see you later.” This is an idea I’ve struggled with, especially since there have been so many deaths in my family throughout my lifetime, a good portion of which have occurred in the month of May. And now I have one more significant event to remember in May, my college graduation. During the hectic craziness of exams, I tried to squash the sadness of impending goodbyes/ see-you-laters through keeping myself busy yet those sad feelings persisted, no matter how crazy I made my schedule. It got to the point that no matter what I was doing, no matter how much I joked around and smiled, I was really losing it.

I acknowledge how lucky I am that I even had the chance to attend school. Yet in my sadness, it didn’t seem fair that I only was guaranteed four years (or less) of friendship with these people and then I might not ever hear from them again. Needless to say, I can be a little irrational and untrusting about things. I forget what I was doing, but I thought something that made me pause. Rarely are my thoughts ever this clear, which is why I’m convinced that the Holy Spirit had more than something to do with it. The thought was: The time we spend together is not rendered inconsequential by how soon we have to part. 

In death and in life, this applies. Time does not necessarily affect the impact people have on us or vice versa. But I’m not scared of loosing contact any more. I know that life takes everyone on unexpected paths and though we can’t stay connected with everyone we’ve ever met, those who are meant to walk alongside us will for the time they are meant to. All we can do is appreciate people for however long they are with us, as difficult as that can be at times.

To my fellow members of the class of 2016, I’m so thankful for our time together, whether it was for all four years or whatever time we spent together. I’m excited to see where our respective adventures intersect and where they will all lead as we navigate this crazy thing called life. Congratulations, all.



One thought on “Goodbyes and graduation.

  1. Congratulations on graduating!!!! I love this reflection. In this past year since I’ve graduated, I can definitely note that it is different, since you go from living by and with so many amazing people to being scattered across the country, but the friendships are still wonderful. When you do have the occasional skype of phone call or letter, I’ve found that it really doesn’t feel that we’ve all been apart for so long. Conversely, though, we all do so much growing independently, which we are able to bring back into our college friendships. And not every college friendship will live on in continual correspondence, but they can! In fact, one of my good friends and I have talked way more often in the past year than we did in our entire senior year of college! It’s just a matter of picking up the phone and calling each other on lunch breaks or at other random times 🙂


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