Different yet the same

The above phrase encapsulates many things, most importantly my overall status in life. Post-graduation life has been interesting yet not quite what I expected it to be. While I was still at school, I thought I would be job searching non-stop and I would feel miserable because I’d be missing my friends. I’m so happy that things rarely turn out the way I think they will.

While I do miss my friends a great deal, the reality of what I’ve done has sunk in a bit in these weeks since graduating. What I wouldn’t let myself think about while giving myself headaches from studying and from slaving away on my final papers was the possibilities that post-grad life would offer. I was definitely freaking out about the big ones, such as where I’d be living, where I’d be working, how much I’d be making, and all those logistical things that stress me out. But I didn’t stop to consider the small things. Like being able to have deep conversations with my mom at almost two in the morning because I really wanted to talk to her about something and I didn’t have to be anywhere the next morning. I really want to end this post with some wisdom about transitioning phases in life. But I don’t have any wisdom that I can impart right now, because I’m still in the thick of things. But I can definitely say this: if you’re scared because things won’t be the same once you take a certain step in life, it’s okay. It’s completely valid to feel that fear. But beyond that fear lies so much more than you thought would be there waiting for you. Bye for now.


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