Look deeper

I’ve been wanting to write about all the bad stuff that’s been going on in the world. But it’s been difficult. Between political craziness, mass shootings, hate, and so much finger-pointing, it’s been hard for me to even turn on the TV, and even harder to find the words to encapsulate all my feelings about everything. But I think I have now, in the form of a poem.

Be sure to look deep 

so many viewpoints, like a 

faceted diamond,

each worth exploring

no matter where they take you.

We owe it to all. 

I like experimenting with various poetical structures, so forgive the extended haiku. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own viewpoints, how we see the world, and to expect others to see things the way we see them. But people are not like that. And it can be hard to understand the narratives of others, especially those you might consider evil or wrong. Yet it is our duty as humans to listen to our fellow human beings; regardless of what you think basic human rights are, we should at least listen to one another. Because in doing so, we can understand one another and use that understanding to work together. Understanding is not agreeing or accepting. But at least it’s a first step.



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