Some thoughts on “adulting”

So some interesting things have happened in the past few days, but the most interesting happened at work. I had to fill out my first accident report. Don’t worry, it wasn’t me who had the accident. One of our elderly patrons fell in the parking lot and I called 911. I comforted his wife while remaining calm and getting all the necessary information for the report. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt too badly and his wife, once the initial shock was over, was really nice and cooperative. This experience was over in about ten minutes yet I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

I didn’t hear the phrase “adulting” until some friends of mine graduated from college the year before I did. But this experience with my first accident report has made me consider what it means to “adult”. Growing up, I thought adulthood meant working a job and going to the grocery store and paying bills. But, as I know now, those are all things that adulthood entails, not exactly what it is. Yes, you do have different responsibilities that change as you do different things such as finishing your education, finding your first job, or getting married. But there’s no magic switch that’s flipped that transforms you from “child” to “adult”. It seems that adulthood is a series of judgment calls, such as “Do I take this job that’s farther away than I wanted to go?” or  “Do I freak out about this accident or stay calm and make sure everyone’s alright?” You just have to take the challenges that life throws at you as they come and learn and grow from them. And while that can be difficult, it is necessary. And I’m glad I’ve learned that lesson now instead of a few years down the road. I have a feeling it will make this whole transition into life after school easier. Here’s hoping, anyway.


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