A couple of things

Hi, there. So I didn’t mean to take an almost month-long break from blogging. The long and the short of it is that I’ve started to write for a couple of different websites (I’ll link to my pieces under my “Writing” tab) and it’s resulted in me neglecting my own blog. But I’ll try to be better about this in the future, I promise. In the time since I last wrote, I’ve made a couple of changes to my life that I’d like to share with you. They’re not big changes, but they’ve made a big difference and I hope, if you decide to try them, they’ll help you, too.

  1. Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every morning.
    I started doing this in addition to reading the book 33 Days to Divine Mercy (which you should totally read) and it’s been a beautiful way to start the day. Even though it’s hard praying right after you wake up, the practice of doing it in the morning ensures that I’ve prayed a least a little every day and helps me to dedicate the day to God and his mercy. It’s also nice to have some quiet time to fully wake up and take a few deep breaths before plunging ahead into whatever the day brings. You don’t need to be Catholic to pray this prayer and if you’d like to learn how, here’s a great website to learn how to do it.
  2. Getting off the internet by 11 p.m.
    So I’m kind of breaking this resolution by writing this right now, but I promise I’m getting off as soon as this is up. I had this incredibly bad habit of working late into the night and then staying on the computer for sometimes up to an hour afterwards just goofing off on the internet in order to de-stress. Unfortunately, I carried on this tradition into post-grad life. I’d get on the computer to check my email and answer some messages and would soon fall down the time wasting hole that is Youtube only to emerge an hour later, frustrated with myself. I finally decided that enough was enough. Late night internet usage was a fine way to de-stress when I was in the pressure cooker of college, but not any more, especially since I need to develop some kind of routine. And it’s been really great. For one thing, it’s helped my eyes (my eyes hurt if I stare at something too long, as I tend to do when looking at a computer) and it’s also helped me get to sleep. My mom once told me that she can’t browse the internet or listen to music at least an hour before bedtime. I didn’t understand that because, though at that time I didn’t use the internet too much, I definitely listened to music before going to sleep. But now I understand what she said. Electronics stimulate your senses in ways other things don’t  causing your brain to work differently than it would. Unplugging before bed has given me the chance to slow down, be silent, and give my brain a break.

So these are just a couple of little things that I’ve started doing that have been helping me live a better, more peaceful life. I know everyone saves these kinds of life-hack, advice posts for around New Year’s, but you don’t need a new year to start making yourself new. Do let me know if you decide to try one of these and I hope they help! Good night, dear readers.


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