October Poetry Project/Le Petite Fleur

Hi there. A few days ago, I was flipping through the notebook I used for my poetry writing class back in my junior year of college. We were required to write for half an hour every day and while that was incredibly difficult while balancing four other classes and two jobs, it was wonderful. I was able to get out the feelings that were overwhelming me and I had a legitimate excuse to ignore homework and just create things for a while. So I decided to try this again only posting my poems where someone can read them this time around. I’m also doing this as an alternative to the upcoming National Novel Writing Month, which occurs in November. October is one of my favorite months of the year and I think it’ll be really cool to wrap myself up in poetry as the leaves turn colors and the nights grow darker. Feel free to take part and I hope you like what I post. Today’s poem is more of a prayer to one of my favorite saints, Saint Therese, who was known as the Little Flower. It’s her feast day today. Let the poetry begin!

Le petite fleur

You showed me the

secret garden door

and taught me that

the smallest thing means so much more.

Little Flower, take my hand.

Teach this rose to bloom

help me to see and reach the Son’s light

in the midst of this earthly gloom.




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