Good Friday

“His whole appearance betokens of love: His head is bent to kiss you; His arms are extended to embrace you; His Heart is open to receive you. O superabundance of love, Jesus, the Son of God, dies upon the cross, that man may live and be delivered from everlasting death!”–St. Francis of Assisi.



Sunday reading reflection #2

My reflection last week went over so well, I decided to keep doing them. I might not do them every week in the future and I might try to do some of these during the week at times if I want to. Do let me know what you think!

Today’s readings played off of each other really well. The first reading (Dt. 30:10-14) shows Moses exhorting the people to heed God’s voice and follow his commands. He explains that God hasn’t placed his commandments in places so far away or so high that they cannot be reached. They are “already in your mouths and in your hearts” and we have only “to carry it out.” Similarly, Jesus relates the story of the Good Samaritan and, after the scholar of the law guesses correctly that the dying man’s neighbor is the one who treats him with mercy, Jesus says “Go and do likewise.” (Luke 10:25-37).

The Bible is a mix of both the highly mystical and spiritual and the common and practical. Today we fully see that mix on display in all three readings, as the second reading (Col 1:15-20) tells about the mystery that is Jesus. To me, the readings boil down to that fact that while love of God and neighbor is mysterious and difficult, we just need to live it as much as we can, which involves setting aside our own agendas at times. But in carrying it out, we make ourselves, our neighbors, and our world a much better place.

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