I’ve been writing since I was eight and I’ve been blessed to have some of my writing published. Here are the links to those stories and I’ll update this page as often as I need to. Feel free to comment on the stories and let me know what you think. Happy reading!

Short stories:
My first short story, “Tea-Time at the Train Station“, published in September 2013.
My first horror story, “Mrs. Small’s Secret“, in September 2013.
I had a short story published in DoveTales: An International Journal of the Arts in May 2015.
My story, “Capturing the Muse“, published in October 2016.
My short story and senior English thesis, “Stress Eating“, published in March 2017.

Flash fiction:
Three Words“, published in February 2017.
A Woman’s Journey“, published in April 2017.
Friendship Quilts“, published in June 2017.

Seeing Shapes, published in June 2018.

Take God to work with you“, published in May 2018.

Other writings:
A link to my author page for a positive news website can be found here.
A link to my author page for a Catholic website can be found here.